Signs of unhealthy gut

Signs of an unhealthy gut

Our food habits are changing day by day. Due to the speedy life, we are choosing more comfortable ways to live to save time. With changing lifestyle, our health is also deteriorating because of consumption of more and more processed foods. Most of the people cook fast foods such as noodles or pizzas which are tasty but hazardous for the body at the same time. These foods weaken the digestive system and result in many digestive issues such as constipation, gas, acidity, and indigestion. Many people do not know the sign of an unhealthy digestive system until it is too late. Let us discuss the signs which you should not ignore for gaining a healthier digestive system.


The weak digestive system also weakens the immune system. People with weak gut often fall sick. They get different diseases such as viral fever, cold and typhoid. Apart from that, the weak digestive system will also reduce the resistance power of the body to fight various bacteria and germs. Unhealthy gut also makes the digestive tract weaker day by day.

Gas and acidity

These are the most common signs of unhealthy gut found in adults. Many people complain of getting cramping and discomfort in the stomach. These signs should never be ignored otherwise they can turn to ulcer or stomach cancer. Unhealthy gut also shows some other signs such as inflammation in the small intestine and irritable bowel syndrome.

Improper sleep

Weak gut reduces serotonin in the body. Due to low serotonin, one will feel tired and drained throughout the day. Bacteria in the gut do not let enjoy a good sleep of 6 hours at night. Further, these bacteria cause physical issues such as fibromyalgia and fatigue.


Gas in the intestines causes stomach bloating. It is normally caused due to indigestion in the stomach. Your body cannot digest some foods such as fermented foods and baked food items. People with unhealthy gut often get the problem of stomach bloating.

Skin issues

If you are constantly facing the problem of an unhealthy gut, your skin may get redness or rashes. The reason for these skin diseases is the presence of toxins in the blood. These toxins are sent throughout the body and cause skin allergies and infections. So, if you are facing some skin issues, do not avoid them and consult a physician.

Excess weight gain

This is one of the most common signs of an unhealthy gut. People gain weight because of a weak gut. Bacteria in the gut lead to weight gain and make you look obese. Further, the weight becomes difficult to control.

Ways to get a healthy gut

There are some tips following which you can gain healthier and better gut within few weeks. Read below:

Eat green veggies

To improve the gut, you must increase the intake of fresh green leafy veggies such as spinach and broccoli. They contain minerals which help in killing the bacteria of the gut and strengthen it. In addition to that, the green veggies help in purifying the blood and improving the immunity. They increase the resistance power of the body to fight against bacteria, germs and other diseases.

Reduce consumption of cereals

If you are taking refined grains and cereals in the breakfast, stop from today onwards. They are difficult to digest and cause stomach cramping and gas. Instead of refined grains, you must take fresh fruits and salads to improve gut.

Limit sugar intake

Eating too much of sweets and sugary foods such as doughnuts, pastries, and cakes can weaken gut. Further, they cause other digestive problems such as heavy feeling in the stomach and indigestion. If you love eating sugary foods, it is a better idea to consume a sugar-free diet which has the same sweetness as that of sugary foods.


There are many other ways to improve the gut. They include walking, swimming, jogging and running. You must reduce stress which can also weaken gut. Furthermore, you must increase the consumption of foods which are rich in probiotic like garlic, onions, and bananas. A healthy gut is a solution to most of the physical issues such as typhoid and cold.

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