An Important List of Items NOT to Bring for Your Workout at the Gym

An Important List of Items NOT to Bring for Your Workout at the Gym

An Important List of Items NOT to Bring for Your Workout at the Gym

If you would like to optimize your time at the gym, you should be aware of what to bring with you. This includes the right clothing and exercise wear, a pair of running shoes, a water bottle, some music, a towel, and other items that you think you might need. But what about those items that would not only be inconvenient to bring but might even hamper your visit? You should also know what not to bring to the gym so you can have a more satisfactory, effective workout.

1. The wrong clothing

gym clothes

We all have a basic idea of what workout clothes should be, whether you’re comfortable in a simple tee-shirt and a pair of shorts or specially-designed training and exercise wear from Nike or Adidas. But when it comes to clothes, there’s not much that is not allowed in the gym, except for clothes that are too baggy or simply inappropriate. For instance, even if you like baggy jeans, you wouldn’t wear them to the gym, would you? And the shoes should be appropriate as well – nobody would be caught dead going to the gym with heavy work boots. If you want, you can keep it simple: just stick to a simple shirt (not too tight and not too loose, either), a pair of leggings or shorts, and a good pair of training shoes.

In addition, don’t bring sandals and flip flops to the gym, as this is not only inappropriate – it can be downright dangerous as well. Imagine if you are walking around and someone suddenly drops their weights on your foot! If you would like to bring flip flops for the shower room, then go ahead and use them only in the shower room and locker, and not on the gym floor.

2 . Jewelry and accessories

gym jwellary

In your visit to the gym, there are other things that you should not bring as well – and this includes jewelry and accessories. If you are wearing a pair of earrings or a necklace, make sure to take them off before you hit the gym floor. Place them in your locker or gym bag for safekeeping. If you are wearing a necklace or earrings, these could easily become snagged on gym equipment or get in the way when you are doing your exercises. Accessories such as watches should also be taken off as they may become damaged as well.

3. Distractions

say no to mobile at gym

There are other items that may affect the effectiveness of your gym visit – and this includes your beloved smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If you are planning to go directly to work after the gym and have to bring your smartphone and laptop, then leave them in your gym bag and do not take them out. Even answering a simple SMS can take a minute or two from your exercise routine. Dedicate a whole hour (or more) to your workout with no distractions, and you will feel much better afterward. Also, if you bring your smartphone with you and take a call, you can easily lose your concentration and may not be able to remain focused during the remainder of your workout routine.

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